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Wisdom Teeth – removing or keeping?

The wisdom teeth are the four third molars, both on the right and left upper part of the dental arch. These are the last teeth to “grow”, usually around the ages of 18 to 20.

It happens very frequently that the jaw doesn’t have enough space to accommodate the late eruption of these teeth. This is one of the reasons why they are more problematic than other teeth.

What is an embedded tooth?
An embedded tooth is a tooth that, despite being fully developed, hasn’t erupted, thus being totally or partially covered by bone and gum tissue.

Removing or keeping the wisdom teeth?
The healthy and normally placed wisdom teeth shouldn’t cause any problems. But, if they’re in an abnormal position, the doctor should evaluate the potential damage. Furthermore, there are other reasons which may lead to the extraction of the wisdom teeth:

Partially erupted teeth, as well as the adjoining ones, can develop caries. These go unnoticed and usually show themselves through a deceiving and painful situation. Later, they can lead to infection.

Orthodontic reasons
In some cases, the wisdom teeth can cause the adjoining teeth to move.

Fragile mandible
The presence of a tooth in an area which should have trabecular and flexible bone weakens the jaw, namely in athletes which practice contact sports and thus more prone to facial trauma.


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