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How to prevent caries

Despite being a fairly common disease, caries can, in most cases, be prevented. In that sense, it is important to have a good dental hygiene, as well as to have a healthy diet.

Fundamentally, dental hygiene should include teeth brushing at least twice a day.

This should be accompanied by flossing, since the brush doesn’t have the ability to clean the spaces between each and every tooth.

Regarding food, one should avoid food which may cause caries, such as candy, cookies and sugary drinks.

In addition to these recommendations, while brushing, to use a toothpaste containing fluorine is equally important. This element helps with the remineralisation of the teeth, thus being essential in the prevention of caries.

Lastly, but not less importantly, in order to have a good dental health one should visit the dentist regularly. That way, any potential problem can be detected at an early stage.


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