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    The medical team at Ramirez Fernandes consists of experienced professionals in the various fields of Dental Medicine.

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    At the Ramirez Fernandes Clinic you will find a qualified and experienced medical team, which ensures the best care in Dental Medicine.

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What are dental implants?
The implant itself isn’t a full artificial tooth, but the root on which a dental prosthesis (crown or bridge) will be placed.

What are implants made of?
The implants are made of materials (usually titanium) which don’t cause rejection.

How do they work?
When placed on the bone, there will be a process of integration with the bone tissue, which will fix the implant to the bone in a few months. During this stage, the patient can use a temporary, fixed or removable prosthesis.

Later, a dental prosthesis can be developed, which will work much as a natural tooth.


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