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    At the Ramirez Fernandes Clinic you will find a qualified and experienced medical team, which ensures the best care in Dental Medicine.

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    The medical team at Ramirez Fernandes consists of experienced professionals in the various fields of Dental Medicine.

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img endodontia

Endodontics is the field of dental medicine which focuses on the prevention, diagnostics and cure of the dental pulp, which is the tissue in the interior of the tooth’s cavity.

When the dental pulp is irreversibly inflamed, infected or in a state of early necrosis, it is necessary to undergo endodontic treatment.

The endodontic treatment is the removal of the sick dental pulp, shaping of the canal and filling of the space where the dental pulp used to be (process generally known as root canal).

The use of anaesthetics allows it to be painless, since, in most cases, the tooth will look the same.


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