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    At the Ramirez Fernandes Clinic you will find a qualified and experienced medical team, which ensures the best care in Dental Medicine.

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    The medical team at Ramirez Fernandes consists of experienced professionals in the various fields of Dental Medicine.

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Advices on the dental implant’s hygiene

Daily brushing and flossing is absolutely fundamental for the long term success of dental implants. Furthermore, there are several products which can be prescribed by the health care provider responsible for the placement of the dental implants.

Here are some advices on the proper hygiene of the dental implant:
a)    Brushing: the dentist or dental hygienist can recommend the use of a normal or an electric toothbrush and, in each case, they will teach the appropriate way to clean the areas of the implants;

b)    Dental floss: the daily use of dental floss is essential. Its correct use will allow you to remove any existing plaque around the implants. The dentist can recommend a specific type of dental floss.

c)    Appointments: it is recommended that the patient go to the dentist every three months, although each patient can have a specific plan.


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